Jason Eldridge

Property Manager & Founder

Growing up as a student in Yakima, in Eastern Washington, I was intrigued by subjects of science – math, physics, bio-chemistry and computers – and after finishing college, I moved to Seattle to start a small, successful network consultant company with a couple of friends, because the internet seemed like an obvious place for me to be.

Destiny intervened, in the form of a client called Morris Piha Real Estate Services, who wanted me to come on board with them as a full-time network administrator. While maintaining a 40-node network with an NT and Novell server for Morris Piha, I got an unexpected opportunity to study the industry up close. Irrevocably drawn by the complex and highly people-centric world of real estate, I knew I was meant to spend the rest of my life selling, financing and managing homes for people, and be instrumental in this major asset-acquisition event in their lives.

As a 17-year veteran now in the real estate business, I have worn many hats. Working with companies like Ameriquest Mortgage, Merit Financial, New Outlook Financial Group, AXIA Financial and Fairplay Property Management, I have gained valuable experience in the widest spectrum of real-estate related fields, so I could later transfer all those skill sets to a full-service company of my own, where commitment to clients is a guarantee and customers always come first.

That vision has finally come to pass with White Clover – a property management, buy-and-sell and general contractor company in the Puget Sound region, dedicated to excellence in leasing and managing homes, condos, and multifamily housing in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties. Our vast knowledge of rental markets conditions, landlord tenant laws, property accounting and maintenance gives us an edge in the marketplace, and White Clover has already established a faithful and loyal client base that is excited to work with us.

White Clover is a dream project for me and my business partner and wife Jaclyn, who is also a licensed real estate agent. Our vision is to operate a top-notch company where we create jobs and train happy employees to serve happy clients in a personalized, service-oriented, family environment.

When not dealing with real estate, I am a veritable adrenaline junkie and an unapologetic thrill-seeker. I skydive and play 8 games a week with 5 softball teams that keep me active, energetic and excited to get back to work every Monday morning. A great lover of animals, my wife Jaclyn and I have been blessed with our own bundle of joy: a lovable and loving little cat called Koshka.

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